You can improve your mood, your sleep, and reduce your stress and anxiety by this one simple trick: exercise! As an engineer in front of a computer all day, it can be hard to get exercise. But if you start with imagining yourself exercising, before you know it you will be out the door. Where you are now started at some point with your imagination and now here you are. You could start with a five minute walk. Go outside and enjoy the clouds for a few minutes. Small wins add up and eventually your five minute walk will turn into more.


An engineer going for a jog

Why you should exercise

Exercise improves your mood by helping you feel more energetic. Getting your heartrate up will also help you sleep later that day. Take your frustrations, stress, and anxiety out with a quick run. Stress and anxiety affects a lot of people today. If you get some exercise, you will reduce the world’s suffering just a bit because you will be happier. Then maybe you would encourage another person to exercise and they will be happier too. Soon much of the world is happier, all because you decided to start exercising. The world needs you to exercise.

Engineer thinking about world

An engineer thinking about how their exercise will impact the world

How to exercise

You could trot like a horse and bang two coconuts together while reading the python documentation to get a more immersive learning experience. Or maybe go for a jog outside for a less silly experience. Back to silly, have you ever done keyboard arm curls? Maybe do it the next time you are reviewing a pull request. Maybe you have some better ideas for getting exercise?


An engineer who forgot to bring their coconuts on their trot.


It is important for you to get exercise, whether you are an engineer or not. Imagine you can and believe in yourself. Get out the door and get addicted to exercise. You will think clearer, feel less anxiety, and it can all start now. Go for a walk and get some air. Share what happened on your walk below! Thanks for reading, hope you have a good walk.